Mechanicle Power Flushing of central heating systems


We are specialists in mechanicle power flushing  of central heating systems using high powered flushing equipment and top quality chemicals to bring your heating system back to life & restore system efficiency.

Symptoms of a system in need of power flushing:

  • Radiator cold spots
  • Noisy boiler
  • Slow hot water flow
  • Boiler overheats or shuts off when hot water is needed
  • It takes ages for the system to warm up
  • Radiators need regular bleeding
  • Boiler Pump failures

Years of use can cause radiators and pipes to become clogged with sludge and rust. This debris reduces the water flow in the heating system. Power flushing removes this debris and helps restore the efficiency of your heating system.

The Power flushing services provide by Norman T Barrett can help increase the life of your boiler, improve heating efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

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